Thank you so much for helping make my wife’s birthday party a success.  You had something for every age group in attendance.  We look forward to the next opportunity to use your services.


“At my wedding, I was told that the music would get everyone up to dance. I didn’t think it was possible. I was shocked to see my 4 year old niece doing the electric slide with my husband’s 84 year-old grandma! Everyone yelled: “Go Granny, Go Granny Go!” Thank’s Cooper Entertainment, I even got it on video.”


“My Dad had been sick for the past year and we didn’t know if he would make it till his 63 rd birthday. He did and Alex, the DJ, had Mom and Dad up dancing to Shania Twain’s “From this Moment”. This may be his last birthday, but no one could have done a better job. Thanks Cooper Entertainment, you’re THE BEST!”

Jo-Jo & family

“Dear Alex, Our heartfelt thanks to you for making our 50 th wedding anniversary so memorable. The music was very enjoyable and I heard a lot of great comments about the selections. Best of luck to you in your endeavors and thanks again for being a part of our special day.”

Lee & Billie

“I had planned for our corporate event for months. It was a nailbitting situation trying to make everyone happy knowing that over 500 people would attend. My fears all faded away as soon as the party started the music was perfect! Each song selected had different folks of all ages up and dancing.What a great event due to the entertainment. Thanks!” Rhonda

“Thanks again for making my wedding day a once-in-a-lifetime event! Even though it was the last minute, you had no problem attending and making it the best. Thanks for changing my tears of sad to tears of glad. You’re the best!”


“Well…I didn’t think it could be done but you did it! My daughter and all of friends were thrilled. You played all of the top hits and they didn’t want you to leave. Being a Mother of three teenagers, I hear mostly complaints. This was the first birthday party I can remember that no one said it was boring! My children are trying to come up with another special date so that you can return and play some more. Thanks for making them happy, I didn’t think it could be done!”

Sandra and Her Daughters, Three

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